At the end of the 18th century, my grandparents acquired the San Francisco farm, which was worked with great effort and care by my remembered grandparents, Gavino Guerrero and Evarista Álvarez; The years passed in which they departed from this life, by inheritance they were from my dear parents Francisca Pastora and José Abel Guerrero, we were born two sisters and two brothers, we grew up in this paradisiacal place in the corners of Carihuairazo. volcano.

Looking at the wonderful life of nature, the care of various trees, the forest, short-cycle aromatic plants, beautiful gardens, fruit trees: apple, claudia, mirabelle, blackberry, fig, cucumber; vegetables: white onion, cabbage, lettuce, spinach; cereals: barley, quinoa, corn; tuber cultivation: potato, melloco, oca, garlic, purple onion; poultry, pastures and alfalfa, cattle, livestock, sheep, horses, pigs and the interesting rabbit farming.

This allowed us to live comfortably and even worry about doing social help both with the workers who were an active part of the development and growth of such a beautiful property as well as actively working with the Church and especially with public and private organizations and institutions in the execution of projects. and activities for the benefit of the community.


José Abel and Francisca Pastora (Parents)

(Teresa, Luis Alberto, Fanny Mariana, Juan Gavino)


At the initiative of Ing. Juan Gavino Guerrero G., thanks to that variety of experiences, knowledge and ability to work with the support of his dear mother «Paquita» and his sister «Fanny Mariana» and together with a plural group of citizens of the sector was created and organized in the San Francisco farm and founded in Quito, Ecuador, in 1993 and is now located in Houston, Texas, United States.

Private organization, unrelated to any political or religious activity

 contributing to the development of the communities to the improvement of their conditions of social and economic life.

The San Francisco farm served as coordination with State Institutions, private organizations and foundations, where the population received technical assistance, training, conferences, workshops, seminars, demonstrations and educational programs to improve agriculture, fruit trees, natural resources to promote production. of food, increase income and preserve the environment.