• Get to know Ecuador

Tourist guide, our country, democratic governments, health, protect nature, download books: Our Ecuador, Eye of the Migrant, Black Gold.

  • Tourist Wealth

Achieve a new image in the international context, positioning tourism as a strategic axis of economic and social growth and development, in support of less favored communities to improve their living conditions because many poor sectors live especially from rural and ecological community tourism.

  • Culture

Dissemination of Ecuadorian culture, art, literature, customs, history and national heritage, in our own Spanish language that has been universally established for better knowledge abroad.

  • Environment

Protecting the environment, biodiversity, conservation and management of natural resources: forest, water, etc., is a fundamental duty of all.

  • Exports Imports

Information to promote the growth of exports of goods and services with an emphasis on product diversification and the attraction of foreign investment. The opening of markets in the United States so that more Ecuadorian producers of micro-enterprises and limited economic means also have the possibility of selling and improving their production and marketing, optimizing their economic well-being and the development of the country.

  • International Marketing

 E. Commerce marketing, International Business, marketing, entrepreneurship.

  • Petroleum

Information: operations, services, consulting and promoting oil research, aimed at discovering new practical knowledge, advanced technologies and recovery techniques and exploration of new oil areas to optimize hydrocarbon production, protecting the environment.