Ambato & Quito Ecuador

1993 – 2021

Juan Gavino Guerrero G.

1. The people ask for jail: corrupt bankers and politicians
2. New Constitution: The Government serves the people
3. Facts and not words new Assembly
3. Let’s change course towards 2000: productive growth
4. Solution to the budget and the crisis
5. The future of the country and the use of human resources wealth.
6. Elections: Contest of merits to choose them?
7. Energetic potential of Ecuador, rich and without its use.
8. Conclusions, lessons and recommendations.
9. The hard awakening
10. Serious responsibility.
11. The President and the Petroleum Forum.
12. Chaos and corruption in Petro-Ecuador and immediate restructuring.
13. Historical Challenge
14. Selection Human Resources.
15. The art of knowing how to manage.
16. Who should be chosen? Education is a priority?
17. 27 years administration poor in political, economic and social.
18. The WTO 19. «Dying thirsty by the source» International Bid.
20. «EYE» in the voting of the next elections.
21. Stop the political chaos-corruption.
22. The Asian economic miracle (must be learned).
23. Threat again of the energetic crisis (1).
24. Ministry of Energy and Mines (1).
25. Ministry of Energy and Mines (II).
26. Gas (LPG) for domestic use.
27. Something about the Maxus-Ecuador company.
28. Energy consumption and saving.
29. Maintenance in an industrial company.
30. Oil sector of Ecuador.
31. Tungurahua and its priority projects.
32. Agricultural land for stadiums.
33. The president-elect and his human resources.
34. Responsibility in the election of the new president.
34. Hydrocarbon reserves.
32. The president-elect and his human resources.
33. Responsibility in the election of the new president.
34. Hydrocarbon reserves.
35. Consideration is important in the electrical sector.
36. The elected president and his historical responsibility.
37. Safety and environmental protection-Petro-Ecuador.
38. Oil spills continue.
39. Threat of the energy crisis again (2).
40. Oil situation.
41. Oil sector of Ecuador.
42. The people and the upcoming elections.
43. National development strategy.
44. Oil situation.
45. Important considerations in the electrical sector.
46. Oil situation (II).
47. Budget solution to the crisis.
48. New president of Petro-Ecuador.
49 Considerations for the new pipeline (OCP)
50. The country’s need for a new refinery.
51. Ecuador rich resources: alternative sources: 1. solar.
52. Ecuador rich resources, alternative sources: 2. Geothermal.
53. Ecuador rich resources, alternative sources: 3. Bioenergy.
54. Ecuador rich resources, alternative sources: 4. hydroelectric.
55. Ecuador rich resources, alternative sources: Bioenergy.
56. What should be known about petrochemicals.
57. Historical challenge.
58. First ratification flies: best presidential option.
59. Second electoral round: «let’s look at the future of the country.»
60. Oil: Urgent solution to the crisis.
61. The twentieth century-90’s millennium ends and the year 1999.
62. Let’s change course to 2000.
62. Oil-banking state without private company early 2000.
63. earthquakes, geothermal energy, great volcanic potential.
64. Considerations for the new pipeline II.
65. Execution of an irrigation project.
66. Energy potential of Ecuador. rich without its use.
67. Art knowing how to manage Ecuador (case-Japan)
68.The future country.
69. «EYE» in the voting of the next elections.
70. New Government: agricultural priority.
71. Stop the chaos- political corruption.
72. 2nd round non-negotiable; government failure

73. Indigenous uprising and their rights.
74. Biodiversity
75. Social classes
76. Journal communication.
77. Petroleum: devil’s damn
78. Education is very important.
79. Political decline: the light of change with education.
78. Power and awakening Chinese.
79. Lesson for Ecuador: Mexico case.
80. USA: serious crisis not depression.
81. Assembly: last chance-Petro-Ecuador = dead company
82. Assembly: Reform of the Hydrocarbons Law. new company like PETROBRAS.
83.Asamble: Please, «Nuevo Ecuador», Thank you so much?
84. A legend is born: «the new gentleman» Barack Obama.
85. 30 years: Ecuador, corrupt governments and political partie
86. Barack Obama.44th President USA.
87. Why is there no food? in the world.
88. Colombian problem a nightmare for Ecuador.
89.Eleccones USA: the Barack Obama phenomenon.
90. Elections USA: Unstoppable Obama candidate.
91. Ecuador: New president and the Assembly.
92. Constitution of the United States.
93.New Constitution: Ecuador the Government serves the people.
94. Ecuador: new and unique Constitution.
95. Ecuador, Assembly: closed «The long neoliberal night».
96. Global Bonds: sanction, corrupt governments.
97. Facts and not words new Assembly.
98. Assembly: Actions more than words.
99. Constitution: Law against corruption.
100. Assembly: Reconstruction of Ecuador.
101. Natural resources and Globalization.
102. Lung of the World.
103. YASUNI NATIONAL PARK, (Ecuador) Lung of the world.
Oil = Destructive presence.
104. «Devil’s Damn Politicians»
No more oil = corruption, poverty of the people.
105. The story of Santa Claus.
106. The world of Francisco Goya.
107. Real education for all and not poverty.

Ambato – Tungurahua, Ecuador.
GGIADESO Statutes approved.

The planet’s oxygen reserve.