Founder & President

Juan Gavino Guerrero G. 


  Francisca Lucia Guerrero J. 


Fanny Mariana Guerrero 

Advisory Board

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Juan Gavino Guerrero G.

Founder & President

CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF ECUADOR. Petroleum Engineer, CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF VENEZUELA. Master in Business Administration.

ACADEMIC COURSES in Universities and Institutions. Alternative sources of energy, (ILO) and Industrial Maintenance (Isvor-Fiat) in Torino-Italy. Oil production at UT Austin, Texas. Marketing and Foreign Trade at University, New York. Business Administration at the University of Houston, Texas.

Extensive training acquired in the fields of education, petroleum, business administration, environment in the United States and European countries.

EXPERIENCE. OLADE international consultant. Representative of the oil companies PLS Engineering Inc; Oil Tanker Project Services. Quito Ecuador.

TECHNICAL INVESTIGATION. oil, education, environment, economy and community development in Congresses and International Organizations: Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States.

NEWSPAPERS. Opinion articles on the community, economy, politics, education, health, international for Ecuadorian newspapers: La Hora in Ambato, El Comercio and Hoy in Quito Ecuador.

PUBLICATIONS. Books, contributions to magazines, national and international oil research.

RESEARCH WORK. Oil, environment, ecology, agriculture, rural and community social development. Quito, Ecuador.

Support for the development of rural and marginalized communities in Ecuador, advice on projects and social activities to improve their living conditions. They have been the pillars to found and direct IADESO (Research, Support, Development, Social), receiving recognition for its extensive social and community work. (


Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France and the United States.

American Petroleum Engineers and Society Petroleum Engineers, United States. College of Geology, Mines and Petroleum and the Ecuadorian Petroleum Opinion Forum (FOPEC), Quito-Ecuador.

Francisca Lucia Guerrero J.


The University of Texas at Austin – Master in Professional Accounting. Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting. Bachelor of Arts. 

McCombs School of Business BBA ServicesFront Desk Assistant; Austin, TX.  Facilitate BBA student appointments with Career Coaches by checking them in and notifying coaches. Advise students on their resumes, utilizing BBA resources, and navigating McCombs and the UT campus

HIM (Oriental Harbor Investment Management) Research Analyst; Shenzhen, China  Analyzed and valuated American retail companies for potential long-term investments. Compiled and presented financial reports on American retail companies and their competitors

Project SEED Spanish Research Assistant; Austin, TX  Scheduled family visits daily to gather data on stress levels of Mexican American children translating for their parents. Interviewed participating families and simulated stressful scenarios to analyze the health effects of translating. 


Ojeda Middle School Project – Active Member. Design bilingual curricula to help Latin middle school students perfect their ‘language brokering’ skills Texas Business Law Association – Active Member. Recruit members to promote undergraduate interest in law careers. 

Foundation IADESO  Academic Director. Distribute school supplies and laptops to underprivileged students in support of education and economic development 


Terri L. Holbrook Scholarship in Accounting

Fall 2019 

University Honors              

Fanny Mariana Guerrero G.


ECUADOR CENTRAL UNIVERSITY. School of Medicine. Medical technology.

ACADEMIC COURSES. Seminars, workshops, congresses, etc. in national and foreign Institutions and Universities.

EXPERIENCE. She has worked for many years at the Pablo Arturo Suárez Hospital in a laboratory and private clinic. Quito, Ecuador.

Great experience at the service of the development of poor and marginalized communities in projects and activities of health, education, culture and social integration.